Packaging Machines

Weigh filler (Bulk Packing machine)


  • weigh dispenser (AWD25 & AWD50) is an ideal machine for automatically dispensing preset weight of free flowing products like Rice, Tea, Sugar, Dal, Seeds etc. This is a Load cell based pneumatically operated machine, it has a storage hopper and is equipped with coarse feed and fine feed systems to maintain the weighing Accuracy. The output could be collected in bag, pre-made pouches directly which can be sealed on a sealing machine.
Model AWD25 AWD50
Weighing range 5 kg to 25 kg 5 kg to 50kg
Speed Max output 18- 20 DPM Max output 30-35 DPM
Power (connecting load) 240Vac 50HZ 1Phase [3 KVA] 240Vac 50HZ 1Phase [5KVA]
Air Supply 6 Bar (5 CFM) 6 Bar (8 CFM)

Auger Filler (SA10)


  • Auger filler machine used to fill powder in jar & in pouches high speed consistent filling accuracy in continues operation made this machine amazing to dairy segment, flour, spices powder, coffee powder, energy powder, Agrochemical powder etc. auger filler also available load cell based to increase weighing accuracy, can pack up to 10 kg.