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Pouch / Bag Handling Systems

Bag Transfer Conveyor


  • It is Roller bed conveyor designed to receive and transfer filled bags from valve bag filler. Optional deck provides convenient and ergonomic operator position for manually placing bags on filler spouts.
  • These conveyor are designed to handle all type of bagged product through filling, closing, and palletizing lines. We convey paper, poly, and jute bags in upright positions through closing systems them down in-line and at right angles to the closing line and transfer to palletizing areas we offer many types of fabric, wire-mesh and plastic interlocking belts along with live roller and gravity roller conveyor designs to meet your specific requirements.

Flat Belt Conveyor or ( Table Top conveyor )


  • It is most useful for manual feeding for inkjet printing, manual secondary packing and inspection. It is used for conveying of pouches, bags (up to 50 kg), it can be made in any length, width and operating height as per requirement. We have some standard models for ink jet printing application and as a packing conveyor.

Rotary Table


  • These tables are ideal for end of line packing to increase packer’s time. Ideal for use within the food industry or within pack houses. From a single packing table for full assembly cell layouts, our assembly bench and automation products are reliable, ascetically pleasing and designed to be reliable, maintenance free and cost effective.
  • Rotary table is a round table which rotates at slow speed and collects pouches coming over conveyor from packaging machine. It is very useful for efficient manual secondary packing, it reduces the stressful work of lifting the packets from all over for manual secondary packing.

Take Away Conveyor


    • It is used to pick & transfer the ready pouches coming out of a packing machine to Rotary Table or Packing Table. It can also transfer pouches from one station to another.
    • The Astro Pak Takeaway Conveyor improves the productivity of packaging operations by simply moving filled bags from the packaging location up to bench height, or to another location.
      Designed to maximize available space, the Takeaway Conveyor is a continuous motion conveyor that can accommodate most bag packaging applications.
    • This flexible system has a low profile and is available in four different angles of incline that allows it to integrate easily with Astro Pak baggers and bag packaging equipment.


  • It is compact, sturdy and most efficient in working
  • Flexible and fully adjustable
  • Saves time by enabling operators to have more time packing and less time moving finished product
  • Improves work environment by conveying the product to bench height, which reduces the need to pick product from filled bins
  • Low profile design maximizes existing work areas with limited space
  • The superior quality textured and clitted belts are used to avoid sleeping of packets
  • It has the most simplistic design for high cleanability and easy maintenance
  • It carries packets or strips as per packaging machine output speed with the help of VFD speed control
  • It has a unique feature of adjustable inclination to adjust the drop height
  • It has adjustable side guards to set as per pouch width
  • Available in customized length, width and capacity as per requirement
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